Random Password Generator

Generate a random string using the characters you want, uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols

Is the Random Password Generator secure?

It is secure. All passwords created by the Random Password Generator on ToolsKitHub are generated on the current computer's page and are not saved or shared. Just make sure to close this page after generating and copying the password to prevent others from seeing these passwords when using your computer.

Why use a random password generator?

Because many people often use words or numbers that are meaningful to them, such as the names of their pets, their parents' surnames, their children's birthdays, lyrics, etc., which are easy to be guessed. Moreover, many password cracking methods nowadays are computer-based, with an ordinary desktop computer capable of testing over 100 million passwords per second, and if the computer uses GPU-based cracking tools, the number of passwords tested per second can soar into the billions. Therefore, using a random password generator to create truly random long passwords ensures that even powerful computers cannot crack your password.

How to set a high-security password?

Do not include personal information in the password. If possible, a secure password should be more than 16 characters long, and randomness is a key factor in password strength.

What is a low-security password?

The following are the top 10 weakest passwords from previous years. You should avoid using these passwords. If you are using one of the following passwords, it is very easy to crack.